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All About Leadership for Youth

"We, as humans, need to be more conscious of the difference between being alive and truly living."​


Leadership for Youth is a program created by Sara Jimenez, a young adult from Colombia who hopes to help guide others to a better understanding of themselves and the world. Only then can life be truly enjoyed, she says. 

In 2020, Sara Jimenez entered a competition called Rise for the World. This competition asked its participants to focus on creating a project that would benefit society. With her passion for music, she created a music group with each of its members being from a different country (Hong Kong, United States, Ecuador, Indonesia, and India). Her goal was to have the lyrics focused on themes like racism, mental health, etc, a way to protest through music. With this project Sara became a Rise Finalist, which gifted her the opportunity to participate in a leadership course offered by Ivy House London. Through this program she was taught how to practice self-leadership as well as the tools to become a good leader of others. Weeks were filled with lessons on effective communication, public speaking, and more. At the end of the program it truly showed that everything Sara had learned had helped her become a better, more confident leader. Both in personal and professional settings. It was now easier for her to communicate with family, whom she had had constant disagreements with. Her music group also thrived with better leadership on her part. Everything was simply flowing smoothly and 'it would have been a shame’ she says, if she would have kept all this knowledge to herself.  


In 2021 Sara gave her first “Introduction to Leadership” workshop at a school in Birkfeld, Austria. Since then she has taught these workshops in schools across Austria and is working on expanding to teach them across the world.

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