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Empowering Youth

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Leadership for Youth is a program designed by youth for youth. With a focus on self-development and being conscious of how one is leading their life, Leadership for Youth helps bring forward the leaders of tomorrow.

A young teacher standing in front of a classroom teaching a class on leadership

Borg Birkfeld, Austria

More About Leadership for Youth

In this time and age, being a teenage/young adult is difficult. Dealing with school, mental health, family issues, all while hearing about the current state of the world can be overwhelming. Therefore it is important to take a step back and breathe, to organize ones life and see how it can be bettered. Often it is tough to do this alone, here is where Leadership for Youth comes in. 


Currently, Leadership for Youth only offers an Introduction to Leadership workshop. Bear with us while we expand our program. 



Introduction to Leadership is a workshop that helps participants truly evaluate how their life is right now and consciously make decisions on how to better it. This workshop lasts 75 minutes. 

Before a person can truly lead a group of people, they must first be able to lead themselves. During this workshop participants will be given the task of evaluating different areas of their life including but not limited to mental health, personal relationships, and future clarity (how clear are they on what they will do in the future.). After a thorough check, they will get the opportunity to have a guided discussion with their peers on how to boost their lowest rating categories. At the end of the workshop, participants will have thought out a habit or goal for themselves to help them get started on their journey.

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